Orion Financial Group specializes in providing mortgage assignments, lien releases and document retrieval to mortgage servicers, investors, credit unions, and lenders who manage their own portfolios. We perform real estate document recordings in all 3,600+ U.S. counties.

ConsultingOrion’s in-depth industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology and superior customer service set it apart from all other document services providers, offering clients the confidence that every detail will be handled with expertise. Orion follows a proven, effective process that ensures consistent, accurate results.


  • Orion has the ability to create documents at a rate 50 to 70%  higher than the industry average, enabling us to handle significant document recording volume
  • DocPro!®, our proprietary document management system, enables Orion to process high volume business with the lowest rejection rate of any solution in the industry
  • Orion’s proprietary i3 software efficiently performs full collateral file reviews for small to medium-sized investors, providing customizable sets of standard documents and 24/7 image accessibility via Orion’s secure web site
  • Our innovative in-house mail system streamlines and expedites back-end processing. To match Orion’s processing power, other companies would require a staff of 20 or more
  • Orion performs e-recording in over 800 counties in 36 states and was the first to record electronically in Colorado, Texas, and Pennsylvania
  • Orion handles recording projects from 100 units to 20,000 units or more. In most projects, regardless of size, Orion is dedicated to superior customer service, including immediate handling of emergency requests

With the most advanced recording technologies in the market, Orion Financial Group handles high volume with accuracy, efficiency and integrity while saving clients valuable time and money.