Assignments and Lien Releases

Errors and non-compliance in the recording process carry serious consequences. That’s why Orion takes a customized approach when working with clients on all assignments and lien releases.

We manage the assignment process every step of the way until the recording process is complete. And Orion has deep knowledge and expertise in managing lien releases and is current with the latest requirements and forms needed.

Orion’s assignment and lien release services include the following benefits:

  • Automatic e-recording
  • Compliance tracking and recording
  • Secure, customized updates – daily, weekly or monthly
  • Images for all recorded documents and image-enabled workflows
  • Current document status via customized reports or the Orion website
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) recordings and releases
  • Tracking of document recordings by county
  • MERS certified signing officers
  • Management and Team Lead personnel dedicated to your company

All assignments and lien releases handled by Orion are carefully delivered to make certain the proper fees are applied, the correct procedures are followed and all local requirements are met.

The result—ultimate confidence that your documents are handled safely and efficiently, saving money and time.